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  • Camera strap for DSLRs and similar cameras by !mo featuring a pattern of nutty tones.
  • Higher quality and more comfortable than standard straps supplied with cameras.
  • Strap is backed by neoprene to provide comfort even when you've had a camera around your neck all day.
  • Integrated quick release system.
  • Constructed from neoprene, leather and nylon.
  • Approximate sizes: Maximum total length 145cm, 74cm main strap (4cm wide), 33cm adjustable connection length at each end (standard 1.2cm wide connection)
  • iMo cotton straps have been stress tested to hold 41kg (90lbs) before breaking, so you can be confident that your gear is safe and secure.
  • Free shipping in the UK, cheap flat rate shipping available for European and International orders.

To make your camera even more distinctive this strap is compatible with Dominan's range of metal camera strap connection buckles.

Rigu are currently the only company in the UK selling !mo camera straps and we're really proud to be bringing their fun and high-quality straps to British photogrpahers.

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