Magenta Streak Lens Flare Filter - 77mm

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Please note that on the edge of these filters it is described as a red streak filter, but as the sample images show it is more accurate to describe this as being a magenta filter. When workoing with a white light source you'll see magenta in the streak, and will get a similar colour shift with other lights, with bluer lights giving a purple streak.

  • 77mm filter thread size.
  • Get a step up ring if you have a different sized filter thread on your lens.
  • Rotatable when fitted. This allows you to turn the effect during a video, or change the direction of the flare in a still photo. I recommend rotating anti-clockwise (in the same direction as tigthening the screw thread) to ensure the filter remains firmly attached to the lens at all times.
  • Also available with a blue/orange/rainbow flare effect, see related items for listings.

Please be aware that this kind of filter can trip up some AF systems occasionally so you may have to hunt for focus a little longer than usual depending on the conditions you're using it in.

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