Privacy Policy

Rigu respects your right to privacy in the same way that we too are people who would like our personal information to be treated fairly when using a website, so why wouldn't we treat our highly valued customers the same?

We will never give away your e-mail address or other private information to a third party, unless we are required to do so by law, and even then we will do our best to ensure that you are notified of this beforehand.

You're giving us a certain amount of trust by giving us your e-mail address, and we will repay you by not sending out an annoying e-mail every day. Messages and newsletters will be sent out when we have a genuine update that's worth telling you about. If you feel that we're e-mailing you too often let us know, it's easy for us to be excited about what we have going on and could have forgotten that all the newsletter subscribers might not be as into it as us. Of course, if you wish, you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter, we'll be sad to see you go, but we've all signed up to newsletters and unsubscribed later, it's the circle of life, don't worry, we can handle it, though we may shed a tear.

We do not see your payment information (such as debit and credit card numbers), and as such we would be unable to retain it even if we wanted to. Currently, you can checkout via PayPal with or without a PayPal account, or using a MasterCard or Visa credit/debit card, with payments being processed by Stripe. Checkout pages on Rigu are secure and encrypted to ensure that your details are kept safe.

About Rigu

Rigu is an independently run camera accessories site based in the Lake District and run by Andy, an avid photographer that couldn't find a nice strap for his camera in 2011, so he started a business selling them. Andy scours the globe trying to find cool and interesting products to bring to the UK to share with British photographers. Please note that being in the Lake District means I am often without phone signal and so it is usually quickest to send an e-mail if you have a question.

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