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The Slingshot is designed to work with a wide variety of phones and can even fit the huge Samsung Galaxy note. There is no master list of what phones fit the Slingshot, but if you are unsure whether it will fit your phone please contact Rigu for advice.
  • Hand grip helps reduce video shake.
  • Grip can quickly be turned into a tabletop tripod using the built-in retractable legs.
  • Flexible but tough copolymer cradle can stretch to accomodate all smartphones, with or without a case.
  • Ball-head joint allows you to choose your phones shoot angle.
  • Cradle can be removed and used on any tripod with a standard 1/4" screw mount.
  • Similarly, the hand grip has a 1/4" mount when the cradle has been removed, allowing use with point-and-shoot cameras and flash camcorders like the Flip HD.
  • Rigu is currently the only shop in the UK selling the Slingshot, and as always there is free shipping on all UK orders, with cheap flat rate shipping available for Europe and the  rest of the world.

Note on iPhone 5 & 5S compatibility from the manufacturer

The iPhone 5's main (rear-facing) camera shoots spectacular video and the SlingShot works perfectly with it, with or without a case on the phone. Sadly, Apple moved the main camera a bit closer to the edge of the phone, so when shooting stills (not video), there is a dark angled blob in the corner of the image. Putting a case on the phone fixes that, as does pulling the phone up slightly in the cradle. Using flash with still photography causes the image to be a bit washed out because the flash reflects some off of the edge of the cradle back into the lens.

Apple also moved the front-facing camera to the centerline of the phone, which put it right behind the arm of the cradle. Rats! Sliding the phone up in the cradle is a way to get around that, and it brings the phone up higher which puts it a bit more in front of you so you’re not looking down into the camera.

The cameras in smartphones have improved a lot over the past few years, to the point where an iPhone 4S was famously able to hold it's own against a high-end Canon DSLR in a side-by-side video comparison. Having that kind of quality in your pocket doesn't necessarily make you Steven Spielberg, but you can certainly have a lot of fun making videos which are good enough quality to watch on your TV.

One thing that hasn't changed is how much videos shake when you take them with your phone, the way that we hold our phones when taking videos doesn't help, leaving you with a Blair Witch-style video. The Slingshot by Woxom helps reduce this by using a hand grip to give you more stable video and less blurred photos. You place your phone in the cradle (just about any phone will fit in there, with or without a case, and be held securely, even upside down), and then hold the grip and film as normal. By holding the grip with your whole hand instead of just a few fingers your have much more control and this helps to reduce the level of camera shake in your videos. The Slingshot isn't going to turn your phone into a steadicam, but it's going to make your videos a lot more watchable if you like to capture footage whilst moving around, and you will be impressed with the results, just search for 'slingshot tripod review' and you'll find lots of happy phoneographers.

The grip can easily switch to being a tabletop tripod with a quick pinch and pull on the retractable legs that are housed within the body of the grip. This allows you to take static shots and video, and you aren't locked-in to one angle as the Slingshot has a ball-head connection between the cradle and grip, so you can adjust the angle and frame your shot perfectly.

The cradle can easily be removed from the body and then used on any tripod or device that has a standard 1/4" screw mount, and similarly, with the cradle removed the grip has a 1/4" screw mount allowing it to be used with a point-and-shoot camera or flash camcorder like the Flip HD. Of course you could use it with something bigger like a DSLR, but the size and weight would likely mean that the shake reducing effects of the Slingshot would be negligible.

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