Triad Creative Filter - 77mm

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  • 77mm screw-in filter.
  • Get a step up ring if you have a different sized filter-thread on your lens.
  • Rotatable when fitted. This allows you to turn the effect during a video, or change up the position of your subject in a still photo. I recommend rotating anti-clockwise (in the same direction as tigthening the screw thread) to ensure the filter remains firmly attached to the lens at all times.
  • Glass protrudes beyond the front ring of the filter, and it has no front screw thread. It is not possible to stack in front of this filter, but you can stack behind it.
  • Supplied with a padded carry case and lens cloth.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a filter like this. The photos you'll capture will be unique, and that's because you'll use it in your own way. That said, personally, I recommend using this at wider apertures (f2.8 and below) and usually with a typical portrait focal length (35mm-70mm), especially when you're starting out so you can get used to working with an unusual filter like this, and then branch out when you're comfortable to more experimental looks with wide-angle lenses and narrow apertures. 

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