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Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass

Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
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Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
Fractal Filters Classic 3-Pack - Imperfect Glass
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These Fractal Filter sets have small bubbles or swirls in the glass, and occasionally a small chip. The filters are intended to be used with a wide aperture, and as such the bubbles and swirls are unlikely to have a visible impact upon your images compared to using a "normal" set of filters. If there's a bubble on the edge of a filter it is usually acceptable to sell it as normal, but when the bubble is in the middle of the glass I think it's right to discount it slightly. Some sets will have 3 filters with a bubble or imperfection, others will have 2 or 1 filters with issues.

Again, these issues are unlikely to make a difference to the output of the filters compared to a normal set, and Fractals in the US would sell them as a normal set.


Award-winning prismatic camera filters. Augment your photos slightly or create kaleidoscope like effects. Fractals adapts to your ever-changing shooting habits, shooting style and environment. The patented PrismaLed optics give photographers more brilliant reflections than normal glass—giving you more vibrant shots, reflective rainbows, clarity, and more. These filters are made to enhance your creativity—allowing you to modify or move the filter to supplement the subject you're shooting exactly as you'd like to. The filters are hand held with an ultra-clean, reflective aluminum handle allowing you to position the filter in front of your lens exactly as you'd like. These are the best camera filters for manipulating your photos.

  • Each set comes with three different filters producing unique effects.
  • A carry case is included to help protect your filters in transport and storage.
  • Camera filters for creating blurs/prism effects; optimal for photography and very useful for videography.
  • Optimal performance from a focal length of 40mm or longer.
  • Optimal performance from a wide aperture (f/5.6 or wider)
  • Refractive index of 1.6
  • Thin profile ring (7mm)—helping to reduce possibility of vignetting or optical obstruction at wide angles
  • Reflective chrome finish—reflecting light and creating bokeh that's a perfect addition to your shots!
  • 100mm total diameter—93mm glass diameter + 7mm profile ring. One size fits all.
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" x .2" ~.6"
  • Filter factor: 1
  • Proportion of light transmitted (1/FF): 95-100%
  • Number of stops reduced: 0.

Rigu is currently the only company in Europe offering these fractal filter prism sets, allowing European photographers to get them much quicker and cheaper than ordering direct from the US, without the hassle of dealing with customs delays and charges. It would be over £100 to import a set to the UK yourself, so ordering locally is more convenient and provides a significant discount.

Julia Fractal Filter

Julia Fractal Filter for Prism Photography

Inspired by nature's Julia Set, a fractal found in nature.

The Julia Fractal was created to make prisming work masterfully with whatever you're shooting. This filter manages difficult lighting and compsure situations masterfully well; allowing you to surround any subject with an artistic prismatic flare. The Julia Filter is also remarkably easy to use, and it works masterfully from short focal lengths (~30mm), to extremely long ones, (~135mm).

The Julia Filter was the first Fractal Filter which was incepted and produced as far back as 2014. It has received several design overhauls to bring you the filter which produces beautiful fractalized images which can be found all over the web.


Penrose Fractal Filter

Penrose Fractal Filter for prism photography

Inspired by nature's Penrose Tiling, a fractal found in nature.

Just like nature's Julia Fractal, media enthusiasts have found the Penrose Filter to be incredibly versatile. The Penrose Fractal is capable of producing a large number of effects; from subtle reflections which complement photos slightly, to completely out of this world, hallucinogenic creations. The Penrose Fractal brings the surreal to reality.

The Penrose Fractal includes a 'pac-man'-like cut down the center to allow photographers to fit their photogrpahic subject into the crevasse. This allows photographers to allow the fractalized effect to completely engulf their subject, without losing too much attention on the important attention points in the photo.

The Penrose filter has received numerous awards for its ingenuity in allowing creatives to create reality-skewing effects, which have been featured in several high production shoots and movies.


Pascal Fractal Filter

Pascal Fractal Filter for prism photography

Inspired by nature's Pascal Fractal.

The Pascal Fractal Filter allows you to shoot subject-isolating images. It's properties are often best exploited by serious prismers as it does take a bit of practise to master it's features. The Pascal Filter has allowed subjects to create isolating effects that were completely foreign to photography before its creation.

The Pascal Filter has special reflective properties which allow you to reflect scenes from your surrounding environment into your camera's frame; like a tree behind your head, or light sources that are far out of your camera's field of view. This allows creatives to use it to do interesting things, like add foreign objects to their photos, reflect external light sources, and much more.

Fractal Filter Tutorials and Guides

As well being the only seller of Fractal Filters in Europe, Rigu owner Andrew Bowness is also a semi-professional photographer, and is a keen user of the Fractal Filters when travelling or during portrait photoshoots. Find out how he used them to create dreamy portraits in the Yorkshire Dales, and abstract images in the neon jungle of Tokyo.


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