Tan Bridle Leather Camera Leash & Wrist Strap by HoldFast

Brand: HoldFast Gear
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Simple, tough, and incredibly useful. Link 2 Camera Leashes to the MoneyMaker dual camera harness, and comfortably carry a 3rd camera. Please note that the leashes are sold inidividually. The leash can also be used as a wrist strap and comes with a split ring that is appropriate for a lug mount on a camera, or alternatively, you can purchase a HoldFast accessory clip to attach to the leash which can then be screwed into the tripod mount on your camera for the same connection style as when you are using the full MoneyMaker system.

Alternatively, use it to steady your gear as you traverse rough terrain. Secure your keys to a belt-loop. Strap a water bottle to your backpack. The Camera Leash is the perfect multi-tool for the on-the-go photographer. 

Seriously useful, and seriously good looking.


Rigu is an authorised and trusted seller of HoldFast products, making it quicker, easier, and cheaper for UK-based photographers to get their high-quality luxury goods without the inconvenience of dealing with customs payments or waiting for a delivery from the USA. Currently, it would cost around £61 to import a camera leash yourself directly from HoldFast after taking import charges and postage into account.


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