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About Rigu

I know it says "About Us" up there on this page, but Rigu is just one person, founder Andrew Bowness (with occasional help from family and friends). I'm a photographer from the Lake District in Cumbria, and in 2011 when I wanted to buy a nice strap for my DSLR I couldn't find anything in the UK.

I thought that there must be other photographers that wanted to accesorise their cameras with something stylish, colourful, and much higher quality than the strap that came with the camera, so I started Rigu.

Over time the range expanded beyond straps to include other creative items like filters and light painting tools. My belief is that taking photos should be fun and enjoyable (I'm not much of a pixel peeper), and that's why I hunt for products which offer something new and different.

Being a fellow photographer I understand what people want from a camera strap and can offer advice to suit customer's requirements; whether you're a fashionista that wants your camera to match your style, or a seasoned wedding photographer that doesn't want back ache after a hard weekend of shooting, I want to find the right strap for you.

I strive to offer excellent customer service, after all it is my personal reputation on the line as well as the business, and I'm proud to see this reflected in numerous positive reviews on the site and also with word-of-mouth being one of the most popular ways people find out about Rigu. I always try to do my best to accommodate special requests and meet a deadline if you're heading off on holiday or need an item in time for an event, and I've even been known to hand deliver packages in the local area on Christmas Eve!