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Filter Adapters & Accessories

Brand: Rigu Model: rigu-mag-adapter
SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Convert your lens filters into magnetic filters with these convenient adapters. Rigu sells a wide range of cool and interesting special effect filters. They're the kind of filter that you'll enjoy using, but aren't always going to be attached to your camera. A lot of peo..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Brand: Generic Model: PRISM-HANDLE-77
Go freehand with Rigu's wide range of screw-in creative filters using this handy filter adapter. Screw your 77mm filters into the adapter and get creative! Lightweight but tough aluminium alloy all-metal construction. Makes using filters quicker and easier in time-sensitive moments on s..
Ex Tax:£6.66
Model: step-up-rings
To make Rigu's screw-in filters compatible with your lens you may need to use a step up/down filter, as not all of the filters are available in different sizes. Please be aware that with some filters (like a kaleidoscope filter) you may lose some of the effect when using a step up ring, depending..
Ex Tax:£3.75
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