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Personalised Camera Straps

Personalised Camera Straps

A personalised leather camera strap is a great gift for a photographer. With a variety of fitments, sizes, and colours, we have straps suitable for every kind of camera.

For just an additional £11.99 you can make your camera strap totally unique.

All stamping is done in-house in the Lake District with our hot stamping machine providing a crisp and clean finish, adding a touch of class to your camera strap. This hot-stamping process heats solid brass letters to 280C to add a long-lasting indent to the leather, the hot branding also darkens the leather slightly to create more of a contrast and visual impact to the text.

This does mean that the effect can appear a bit more subtle when stamping is done on darker coloured leather and the colour is of course not changed at all on black straps.

Rigu prides itself on quick turnaround times on custom camera straps, with orders usually being dispatched on the same or next working day, allowing for this to be a great last minute gift.

Personalisation Information

The process is done by hand using a specialised machine, as such there are a few things to consider when choosing the text you want to be on your strap. The vast majority of people have no issues with getting their first choice of text within the rules, but I do try my best to accommodate special requests where possible.

The information below covers most of the usual questions people have about getting their custom camera strap, but if you have other questions please do get in contact.

When on the product listing for each individual leather camera strap you will see the option to order a standard strap, or to add the personalisation service for an additional £11.99.
Please provide the text you wish to have printed on the strap in the comments section at checkout when placing your order. If you do not supply the text in the comments form I will contact you requesting the information.

I have the following amounts of each letter of the alphabet available in both upper and lowercase. You can use any combination of upper and lowercase letters in your chosen text.

6x H 5x P, R, S, T, W

4x A, E, I, L (uppercase), N, O, U, Y

3x B, D, F, C, K, L (lowercase), M 2x G, J, Q, V, X, Z

This covers the vast majority of names and messages that people usually like to have stamped.

You can also use three spaces, for a maximum of four words, and there are other standard punctuation marks and numbers available.

The only restriction in terms of the length of your message relates to the size of the case that the letters are placed in for stamping. As the upper and lower case letter are different widths, this means there is no strict limit but I can provide advisory limits. If you are using all uppercase letters try not to go over 15 characters, including spaces & symbols. If using a mix of upper and lowercase try not to go over 20 characters including spaces & symbols. I'm willing to try more characters for you, but cannot guarantee that it is possible, please get in touch for advice if needed.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and I'm happy to accommodate requests, but in my experience it usually looks best to stamp the text towards the end of the strap as shown in most of the sample photos, and unless otherwise instructed this is the default stamping position. Typically, the text usually starts around 20cm from the end of the main section of the strap. On longer text this leaves around 5cm of strap until the start of the end triangle of leather.

When worn around the neck this is your left side, and the right side as other people see it. The text will be oriented from top to bottom, so the end of your text will be towards the end of the strap. In cases where the strap manufacturer has already put a logo on the strap, I will stamp on the other end to prevent any overlap or having stamps too close to each other.

For some straps which have thinner ends and a thicker middle it makes more sense to stamp in the middle of the strap, though this does put the text on the back of your neck and is not visible to most people when being worn.

Except for text that could be construed as hate speech, I am happy to print almost all text and haven't had to refuse any requested text yet. If I feel there could be issues with copyright infringement then those occasions will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

For example, you may love your Nikon camera, but I wouldn't be allowed to stamp "I Love Nikon" on the strap. However, if you had the Twitter username @nikonsuperfan I would be able to stamp that. If you're unsure about your text, feel free to get in contact ahead of order placement to discuss it.

With this custom service being done by hand, it does mean that orders can take longer to be sent out than a normal Rigu order. I am usually able to get all personalised orders sent out on the next working day after the order is received (sometimes even the same working day) but this is not guaranteed, especially at busy times of year such as Christmas.

If you are in a rush and need the personalised strap quicker please get in contact and I will be able to advise on the lead time for dispatch or may be able to rush the order for you. If your text needs to be clarified or I need to check on spellings with you this can cause an additional delay.

I do have high standards when it comes to products and will not dispatch anything that I would not want to use myself or do not feel is of an acceptable standard. As such, and in accordance with distance selling regulations for personalised items in the UK, returns/refunds are not accepted on personalised items unless there is a spelling error that I have caused, changing your mind about the product or it not being compatible with your camera is not an acceptable reason for a return or refund.

If the error in spelling is caused by the text supplied by you (the customer) this is not a valid reason for a refund and a replacement would need to be paid for in full (if required). Hopefully, as long as we're both careful this won't be an issue so please do double check spellings before placing your order, and as previously mentioned I will contact you if I think there could be an error but ultimately the responsibility for spell checking is yours.

Which straps can be personalised?

Rigu stocks a lot of different leather camera straps, but not all of them are appropriate for the personalisation technique. When choosing a strap, please consider that lighter colours can be easier to read for personalisation as the leather is burned and darkened in the stamping process. This is why black straps aren't offered for personalisation, you just can't see the stamp well enough!

If you are unsure which strap to choose I will be happy to advise you on what will best suit your needs, or alternatively you may wish to go for the most popular strap for personalisation (which can be seen in many of the sample photos), the wide tan leather adjustable DSLR camera strap by Cam-in.

Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM3301
Luxury leather camera strap suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in with wide neck area for your comfort. The leather finish is ..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM3302
Luxury light brown leather camera strap suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in with wide neck area for your comfort. The leathe..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM3303
Please note that the images showing details for this items show the tan version of this item for your reference, this listing is for the brown version..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM2233
High quality leather camera strap suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in. The leather finish is quite soft to start (very much ..
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Brown Leather DSLR Camera Strap by Cam-in Brown Leather DSLR Camera Strap by Cam-in
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Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM2244
High quality leather camera strap suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in. The smooth leather finish is quite soft to start with..
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Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM2245
High quality leather camera strap suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in. Soft and comfortable on your neck, a great upgrade fr..
Ex Tax:£24.16
Brand: Cam-in Model: CAM2298
High quality leather camera strap with backed with a second leather layer suitable for DSLRs and similar sized cameras made by Cam-in. The..
Ex Tax:£23.33


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