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Safety Catch

Safety Catch
Safety Catch
Ex Tax: £3.75
  • Availability:: In Stock
  • Model: HF-SC01
  • The same nylon safety catch that comes with your MoneyMaker harness
  • Ideal for people that need to replace a safety catch on their harness, or just want spares
  • Safety catch with split ring only. You do not get a slider or tripod screw with this.
  • Sold individually
  • Item automatically gets a discount if you spend £10 or more (see below).

Spent £10 or more to get a discount

If you spend £10 or more on an order (the whole order, not just for the safety catches) you'll receive £2.50 off each set of adapters you order. The discount is applied automatically at the cart, no need for a coupon code. This is because when you order them individually, the cost of postage/packing/fees is a big part of the price, but when small items like this are ordered with other items they add very little extra cost to the order.

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