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Step Up/Down Rings

Step Up/Down Rings
Step Up/Down Rings
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To make Rigu's screw-in filters compatible with your lens you may need to use a step up/down filter, as not all of the filters are available in different sizes.

Please be aware that with some filters (like a kaleidoscope filter) you may lose some of the effect when using a step up ring, depending on the focal length being used. When using a step down ring you should expect to see vignetting on your image, so plan to crop images shot with step down rings.

Spend £10 or more to get a discount

If you spend £10 or more on an order (the whole order, not just step rings) you'll receive £2.50 off each step ring you order, meaning that they are just £2 each. The discount is applied automatically at the cart, no need for a coupon code.

What step ring do I need?

The simple way to think of it is "lens on the left, filter on the right" when it comes to the numbers in the dropdown when choosing your ring. For example, if I have a lens that has a 67mm filter thread, and I want to put a 77mm filter on it, then I need to choose a 67-77mm step up ring. 


  • Whilst this item is in the prism photography category, it is not eligible for the multi-buy discount offer.

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