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Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr

Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr
Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr
Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr
Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr
Split Rings - Heavy Duty (4-Pack) - Simplr
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  • Brand: Simplr
  • Model: simplr-split-rings-heavy

This listing is for Simplr's heavy duity split ring. The standard version is available here.

Want to upgrade your non-Simplr camera strap? Start with its weak link.

Made exclusively for Simplr in the US from a unique steel/magnesium alloy, these aerospace-grade round spring-tempered split rings are 25% stronger than stainless steel — and unlike stainless or titanium, they always spring fully-closed. They’re burnished and tumbled for smoothness, then nickel-plated for corrosion resistance.

Ideally sized for 3/8″ (10mm) webbing … the width used on most camera straps.

Normally, you don’t hear lengthy descriptions about the seemingly mundane rings that attach your camera strap, but there’s a little bit of a story behind these, so here goes: When Simplr started development on their F1 Series camera straps, they were shocked at how difficult it was to find strong, round, smooth split rings.

All of the US-made rings they tested were strong — but had jagged, angled ends. That’s because US split ring production is aimed at the fishing tackle industry, where angled ends make them easier to thread onto fishing line and lures … Not great for camera straps though.

Most of the imported rings they tested had nice smooth ends, but failed strength tests miserably (yes — they test everything). Some of the “strong” imported split rings failed at under 20lbs (9.1kg) … Not good!

Simplr weren’t content to settle for either, so they developed their own — and after many months of prototyping, they’re happy to report they tick all the boxes: strong, smooth, and made to the highest tolerances in USA.

  • Tensile Strength: Standard – 60lbs (27kg), Heavy-Duty – 80lbs (36kg)
  • Dimensions: Standard — Inside Diameter: .442" (11.22mm), Outside Diameter: .540" (13.71mm), Thickness: .073" (1.85mm), Wire Gap: .064" (1.62mm) Heavy-Duty — Inside Diameter: .423" (10.74mm), Outside Diameter: .542" (13.77mm), Thickness: .083" (2.11mm), Wire Gap: .236" (6mm).
  • Uniquely designed to reduce wear on quick-connectors like Peak Design Anchor Links™ or OpTech USA Mini QD Loops™ with a wider, less-angular gap between the wire ends, which doesn’t compress the cord loop against cut metal.
  • Composition: Steel and Magnesium Alloy, Nickel-Plated for Corrosion Resistance
  • Origin: Made in USA
  • Quantity: 4 Rings per Pack

Who Needs These?
Simplr's split ring 4-packs are intended as an upgrade for non-Simplr straps, as a premium-quality replacement part, or for DIY’ers.

Simplr lug mount camera straps already have their split rings built-in — so if you’re getting one of those, you don’t need to order split rings.

Spend £10 or more to get a discount

If you spend £10 or more on an order (the whole order, not just for the rings) you'll reveice £2.50 off each set of rings you order. The discount is applied automatically at the cart, no need for a coupon code. This discount is because when people buy rings on their own, a lot of the cost is the postage/packing/fees, but if they're included with other items the added cost is much smaller, and I can pass that saving on to you.

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