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Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters

Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
Magnetic Lens Filter Adapters
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  • Brand: Rigu
  • Model: rigu-mag-adapter

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Convert your lens filters into magnetic filters with these convenient adapters.

Rigu sells a wide range of cool and interesting special effect filters. They're the kind of filter that you'll enjoy using, but aren't always going to be attached to your camera. A lot of people will shoot a "normal" image, then one with the filter, and then back to normal again.

Screwing and unscrewing filters onto your lens takes time, it's inconvenient, and there can be wear and tear on your filter threads if you're changing filters repeatedly. I find myself using effects filters freehand, which works, but it's not an ideal solution and I worry about dropping a filter.

With these magnetic lens filter adapter rings you can save yourself a serious amount of time in the transition between filters, keeping your hands free and your filters safe.

Magnetic lens caps are also available in matching sizes. Lens caps will magnetically attach to the lens side adapter, and they also have a screw thread on their underside if you'd prefer to attach one to a filter, or just attach directly to the lens after removing the magnetic adapters.

  • 67/72/77/82mm fitments availble.
  • Works with step rings allowing you to use the adapter different sized filters and lenses
  • Simple two-ring system; just attach a ring to both your lens and your filter.
  • Knurled edge on both rings provides additional grip
  • No need to invest in another set of filters, convert the ones you already own and maximise the utility of your filters

How to use

  1. Attach the lens side magnetic ring to your lens.
  2. Attach the filter side magnetic ring to your filter.
  3. Hold the filter near the end of the lens and let the magnet attach it to the lens.
  4. Enjoy shooting your filtered photos!

What do I need to buy?

One lens side for your lens, one filter side for the filter. Buying a single side is not enough. Similarly, the lens cap needs will only attach to another magnetic ring, it will not attach to a standard filter, and it will not attach to a bare lens. The lens caps need a filter side or a lens side adapter ring.

Can I mix and match sizes of adapter ring?

No. The lens and filter ring need to be the same size.

What weight of filters can you use with the magnets?

It's hard to give a weight limit since it's a combination of weight and movement that will cause a filter to be dislodged. I believe that with normal usage you're probably safe up to 80-100g, and that's considerably more than the vast majority of filters. 

I've tested these adapters by putting them on my camera with different weights of filters (and stacking filters to add more weight), and then waved and shook the camera trying to get them to fall off. With a single filter I simply could not shake it off, it was only at 140g and 4 stacked filters when I could eventually get them to fall off the camera, and even then it was with a rapid swing that wouldn't be a natural way to handle a camera. With care, I was able to lift the 530g lens you can see in the product photos, but I wouldn't recommend trying to lift your camera by a magnetic filter!

Can I use them with step rings?

Yes. Be aware that if you're using a step ring on the filter side you will be adding a small amount of weight to the setup, and also creating a small lip (if using an 82mm filter, for example) that you're more likely to catch which could result in you pulling the filter of the lens. As with all step rings, adding distance between the lens and the filter does increase the likelihood of getting vignetting in your images, depending on the focal length used.

Will the rings cause vignetting?

As with most things in photography, it depends. The rings will add around 6mm to the lens barrel length, which is a bit more than the thickness of a filter. If you are able to stack 2 filters on your lens without seeing any vignetting it's unlikely that the adapter rings will cause vignetting.

As a sample data point, I have been told that you will get a small amount of vignetting at 24mm on a full frame sensor, but of course there's a lot of variables in play and that shouldn't be regarded as a definite point at which vignetting will occur.

Are there any discounts for ordering several adapter rings or caps?

Yes! Buy more, save more. There's discounts available for buying 2/3/4+ rings so that you can attach them to all your lenses and filters and make switching between filters easier than ever. The discount is applied automatically to your order, no need for a coupon.

Can I turn my filters on the adapters?

If you have a filter which is on it's own turnable ring, like with a VND for example, if you try and turn that ring the whole filter and filter side adapter is going to spin on the lens side ring as it is probably going to have less friction than the ring of the VND filter.

Rigu sells several rotatable filters (which are great for getting different angles of light flares or prism effects), in these case I just turn the whole filter on the adapter ring as it is effectively the same as rotating the glass on the filter, this works in the majority of cases when using a filter. If you need to be able to turn a filter very precisely (or to marked positions on a filter) then I recommend attaching your filter as normal by screwing it on.

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