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Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter

Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
Rainbow Streak Lens Flare Filter
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Get cinematic, anamorphic-style streaks of light across your images using this rainbow streak filter.

Rainbow streaks a little too much colour for you? Rigu has streak filters in blue, orange, magenta, and clear as well. Find them in the related products below.

  • Available in 77mm and 82mm filter thread sizes.
  • Rotatable when fitted. This allows you to turn the effect during a video, or change the direction of the flare in a still photo. 
  • Also available with a more neutral flare effect, see related listings.
  • Get a step up/down ring if you have a different sized filter thread on your lens.
  • Take the filter off the lens and go handheld with a 77mm filter adapter.
  • Make the filter magnetic using our handy adapters. Great for hot swapping between filters.

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Tips & General Usage

  • This filter works best with a strong source of light, such as car headlights, street lights, or even strong sunshine bouncing off something. The effect is generally best with a point of light, rather than a large light source (such as a fluorescent tube light).
  • It is recommended to use streak filters at lower apertures, as the streak can become fragmented at high apertures. In testing I've experienced this at f9 and above, but I assume it will vary depending on what kind of lens and camera you are using. There is a balance to be found, as wider apertures blur the colours together and give a more spread streak, and it gets more defined, and the colours more separated, as you narrow the aperture.
  • I recommend rotating anti-clockwise (in the same direction as tigthening the screw thread) to ensure the filter remains firmly attached to the lens at all times.


This filter is currently available with a 77mm & 82mm filter threads. With filters like these you can use them with a step up/down ring to make them compatible with other lenses. As the rainbow streak effect is the same across the whole face of the filter you shouldn't see a difference using this at the native lens size or with a step ring. 

Delivery Info

Rigu sends out orders every weekday at 3pm, orders placed before 2:30pm (and often a little later) are usually sent out same day. Our free delivery option on this filter is Royal Mail Tracked 48 which usually arrives within 2 working days (faster services are available). Click here for more delivery information.

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